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Emergency Stress Kit

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Stress Fighting Kit

We've all had our moments...those times where the stress has overwhelmed us to the point of no return.  In those times wouldn't it be nice to have something ready to fight that defeated feeling?  Something nearby to help cope and even refresh you for the fight?  Here it is!  In case of a stress emergency, don't break the glass!  Just unscrew the lid and kick stress where it hurts!  Inside you will find some very effective crutches, soothers, and refreshers including a snack, chocolate, tea, aromatic lip balms & hand creams, a nail file, stress ball, and even a scenic picture.  Although instructions and suggestions for use are included, once the jar is open, you will know exactly what to do.  Bestow this gift upon your stressed out colleagues, students, mommies, and anyone else who may be prone to stress.  You can even buy one for yourself and keep it at your desk "in case of emergency"...Don't let stress win.  Fight it all the way with the Emergency Stress Kit.

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