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About us

Women come in different sizes and shapes but one thing that we all have in common is a desire to feel beautiful.  At Foxxy Boutique we specialize in providing fashion accessories that enhance both inner and outer beauty!  And what better way to accessorize than with handbags and sunglasses!  These staples are worn year-round and any fashionable, professional woman will be on the lookout for new items all of the time.  We work with women who are conscientious about their coins!  Most women want to be fashionable but few want to go broke doing it.

Did you know that studies show that it takes approximately 7 seconds to make a first impression?  Not a lot of time to tell your story at all!  Like it or not, your entire look is a presentation and you are being judged on site.  With this in mind putting together different looks for different occasions may take some time, but it's easier when you have a nice statement piece.  So even though styles may change, a great accessory (including purse, shoes, glasses) can bring it all together!   Mission statement

Our mission here at our little boutique is simple:  We want to help every woman feel beautiful by providing a unique collection of fashion handbags at prices that she can afford that last.  We work very hard to find items that are attractive to both the eye and the budget!  Our customer is our focus!  Everything in our platform is assimilated to make your experience with us as easy and satisfying as possible.


Our goal is to provide a satisfying shopping experience without the guilt!  We know the tremendous guilt felt after splurging on something that was not in the budget but on the flip side, there is great satisfaction in grabbing a great item and saving money!  Foxes are known to be cunning, smart, and beautiful creatures.  And so are our customers!  So here at Foxxy Boutique our main goal is to provide all of our customers with excellent products and to provide our customers with the type of personal service that we would like to receive when spending our money.  Shop Like a Foxx! (and look like one too!)
Cruelty Free Policy

Foxxy Boutique's products are cruelty-free. This means that no animals are used in production of our products. Most of our Vegan Leather products are made of Polyurethane or PU. This material is “green” and does not create any dioxins like other materials used to produce Faux Leathers. This material is the closest and most realistic reproduction of leather possible because it is just as pliable to work with and tends to bend and move just like genuine leather but won’t crack or peel so it lasts just as long as leather.  Along with this, Faux Leather (also called Vegan Leather) is a convenient option for handbags because it’s very easy to clean with a damp cloth and doesn't require special servicing that can take time and be very costly. Best of all Vegan Leather is a less expensive option than leather.  This means that we can pass the savings on to you!

Worry Free

I hope that this gives you an idea of who we are and what we stand for.  After many years in customer service and even more years of being an actual customer, we've learned what customers want and what they don't want.  Let me set an expectation for things you don't have to worry about experiencing with Foxxy Boutique or with your purchase.  We value your time and are straight forward.  If you see it here, we have it.  We won't feature things and after you've gone through the purchase process, we apologize and tell you we don't have it and try to switch it for something else.  We aren't going to send you the wrong item or an item that has been used or looks substandard.  Your item won't be tossed into a bag with no insulation to be tossed around during shipping only to be delivered beaten up.  We aren't going to offer you anything that we wouldn't buy for ourselves.  We won't gauge you with high prices or extra fees.  I hope this makes sense.  Thank you again for stopping by.  We welcome your suggestions and feedback.  Please come back!


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