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Here is a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers.  If you don't find your Q & A here, please feel free to contact us!

Q. Would I be able to put my eyeglass prescription into any of your sunglasses frames?

A. Actually, that would be up to your optometrist.  I wear glasses for distance and took several pair of sunglasses in to see if they could put my prescription in and they did it-for a fee of course.  You may have to check around, but it's so worth it.

Q. I saw an item and now it's sold out!  Will you re-stock it?

A. Should you find an item is sold out, send an inquiry and we will try our best to re-stock it for you, or secure it for you immediately with our Special Order Process.  Many items are so popular that even the manufacturer can't keep up with the demand and for this reason we recommend to grab the item while it is available because we can't really say if it will come back again.

Q. Do I have to sign up for the VIP List every time I visit your site?

A. No.  Many sites have a pop-up that asks you to sign up for their lists but once you sign up, there is no need to sign up again.  Simply click the "close" button on the upper right corner of the pop-up box and it will go away. 

*If you are using a mobile phone you may need to adjust your screen by turning it sideways to get access to the "close" button.

Q. Do you take special orders?

A. Yes we do!  Even if you do not see the bag you like in the Special Order Catalog, you are still free to send a picture and description and we will do our best to find it for you!

Q. Do you ever sell designer brands?

A. Although we only deal in quality items, we have found our sweet spot for pricing usually does not go over $50 so you probably won't find designer brands here unless we find a great supplier who sells original merchandise at a very discounted price so that we can stay within our target pricing.  Just know that we will never sell knock-offs or fakes.  If anything changes, you will know about it ahead of time from the VIP List so be sure to sign up!

Q. Do you ever offer express shipping?

A. Not at this time but we normally ship 2-3 day Priority which is relatively fast.

Q. Do you ever offer gift wrapping?

A.  Only around special events and holidays would we offer this option.

Q. Are items ever available for purchase directly or locally?

A. From time to time we do have local showcases and handbag parties where items are discounted.  We may soon be venturing out into several areas with local representatives doing direct sales for your convenience so stay tuned!

Q. If I need to return something do I pay the shipping costs?  And is there a "re-stocking" fee?

A. Yes, you would need to pay the return shipping costs, but there is no re-stocking fees at this time.