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Hidden Meanings Behind Our Color Choices

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The Connection

More and more I have noticed that we tend to lean toward certain colors for certain things.  Most behavior dictates that people have favorite colors for clothing, cars, and within their homes.  However, we also have certain colors that affect us in ways that run deeper than just favorites.  Some colors go so deep that within certain contexts, they can make us feel something!  These feelings can make us buy something, or not buy it.  They can make us feel happy or lazy, virtuous, or even mysterious!

A few months ago a friend told me that he wore different colors depending on his moods.  How insightful to notice that connection.  His revelation made me consider my favorite (and least favorite) color choices.  I certainly have some that I wear all of the time and some that I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.  But when I noticed that in addition to my favorite color outfits my selections for decorating my home and my vehicle were all very similar I wanted to understand how I've made these choices and not even really noticed.  What does that say about me?  And are my color choices trying to tell me something that I wasn't aware of?  Let me tell you about what I discovered when researching colors and their hidden meanings.  Lets begin with my favorite go-to color for clothing!  


Black compliments so many other colors. It’s one of the few colors that could support and play off of any of the other primary colors. With the ability to combine with another color, black can project a totally different impression than it would if standing alone. A true chameleon, black is one of the few colors that can be at both ends of the spectrum or combine with another color and land in the middle. No wonder they say that black is the color of power.

So if black is the color of power and supposedly the opposite of white, why is it that white is my second favorite color?  Let's take a look at that next...

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