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Holiday Shopping Safety

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Tis the season for holiday shopping!

Shopping on phone

Unfortunately it's also the season for purse snatching and car burglaries. As I venture out I am noticing more hustle and bustle and less paying attention.  Ladies I know you are intelligent and already know these things but I just want to remind you to be safe this holiday season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when getting your holiday shopping on.

Pay attention. Put the cell phone down. Robbers look for people they can surprise and who better than the woman ke-keing on her phone oblivious to everything around her. Your phone is a distraction that probably can wait. Keep convos short and pay attention to your surroundings.

Along that same line...Avoid sitting in your car talking on the phone too. Although it may feel more secure, robbers can easily run up on you while you are dishing it up or clipping coupons. Try to get this done before the parking lot so that you aren't a sitting duck.

Speaking of parking lots...Try to avoid parking next to panel vans. We all know the killer will slide that panel open & scoop you up before you can get a good yelp out. Plus it can be difficult to tell if anyone is already in them.

Of course you want to make sure you lock your doors. Of course nobody wants their gifts stolen but even if you don't have anything of value inside, thieves can easily jump in & grab your registration & insurance info & get going with some good old identity theft. I once saw a man going down a row of cars trying door handles. I promptly called the police & showed them my dash cam so they could look for him. *Not to mention that I myself jumped into the wrong car (same color different row) I had my grocery bag in their passenger seat & was attempting turning the key in the ignition before I noticed the frosty bottle of gatorade in the cup holder! I was mortified and collected my bag and ran off like I stole something! It is hilarious now but then I couldnt imagine trying  to explain the perfect storm of our same make/model/color vehicle, my airheadedness & their unlocked door. I wouldn't have believed it myself if it hadn't happened to me. Needless to say make sure your doors are locked and keep bags and other items out of plain sight.

I am licensed to carry and this time of year I carry everytime I leave the house. My tip is to never carry in your purse. If you are like me, its hard enough to find your wallet at the checkout so its useless to put anything in your purse that you may need to grab quickly.  Besides, if your purse is snatched or stolen the robber has nabbed a "bonus". Consider a holster and always keep your license with you. Other safety tools are whistles, mace, and shopping in groups.

If out at night be sure to park in well lit areas. Walk with purpose while watching & listening to your surroundings. Don't stop for any cat callers, solicitors, people who need "help" or even cute guys. Let them catch you in the daylight. And shame on them for even trying it at night. They know its not safe for women at night. Dont unlock the car until you are close enough to see all doors. Check the car before getting back in. And don't leave your car unlocked while you return the basket/shopping cart.

Don't leave your purse in the shopping basket. EVER. Some robbers specialize in this type of theft. Carry a crossbody purse that is always on you or put your wallet in your pocket. Try to have as little baggage with you as possible. If you must carry a purse hold onto it and keep it zipped until its time to pay. Pick pocketing is still big out here. Don't make it easy.

As I mentioned, we are smart girls & know all of this but it only takes a second within a moment to make or break your shopping fun. So be safe and have a happy holiday season of SAFE shopping fun!

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