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How often Do You Change Your Handbag?

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t swift handbagsI only ask because I used to work with the very stylish older lady who changed her handbag everyday.  She had one for every outfit and the fact that she changed her purse everyday spoke volumes about her attention to detail.  On top of the fact that she must have had a closet full of bags, I realized she had to be totally organized to pull this off everyday right?  She would have to know exactly (and not forget as I sometimes do) which purses she has in order to match them with her outfits this way!  I'm exhausted just thinking about this...

At any rate, I gave it a try.  After all, I have some great bags and great clothes...all I had to do was put it all together right? 

The first day I was so excited!  I was so ready to pull out my favorite bags and match them up.  I already had outfits and bag ideas in mind for the rest of the week.  I got many compliments on my favorite bag that I pulled out first.  So many that I was almost sad to put it away later that evening and start tomorrow with another.  But I pressed on with my stylish elder mentor in mind knowing that I was forming a chic habit that was going to speak volumes about my attention to detail and style!

The second day nobody noticed-or if they did, they didn't say anything.  It was a busy day full of meetings and I couldn't just insinuate my handbag into people's eyesight for no reason could I?  What's more is that I forgot my trusty purse umbrella that I keep in my purses in case of unexpected rain (Darn Michigan Weather...).  I must have left it behind when changing purses.  As I ran to my car in the rain using my second favorite purse as an umbrella I realized how vulnerable I felt when I wasn't prepared (as I pride myself on always being).

The third day I forgot...smh

By the fourth day I had mixed emotions.  I was hoping someone noticed my eye for detail and stylish flare but also increasingly paranoid that I'd forgotten to transfer something from one bag to another.  I made it through.  I was almost thrilled when one of the people who'd complimented me on my bag on the first day noticed I wasn't carrying it until she mentioned how much she loved it and made no remark about this one.  Did I say mixed emotions?  Maybe I should've said I'd grown neurotic.

The fifth day I was glad it was Friday because I could relax and "dress down".  Dressing down in an office for women is much different than dressing down for men but I will get to that at another date...I opted for a more playful bag to compliment my jeans.  I felt great that A.) I remembered to make the switch, B.) I was finally putting my fabulous accessorizing skills on display by coordinating not just great looks, but also my great selection of handbags.  I might actually be good at this!  Until lunch when I realized my debit card was in the pocket of my other purse...NOT AGAIN!  But I DID remember the umbrella somehow??? SMH

The fifth day (also known as the last straw) was the end of my little experiment for a few reasons.  First of all, I am not my stylish elder colleague.  She obviously had her stuff together a lot better than me.  I am a bag lady-meaning that my bag is my life.  I carry all of my essentials that I need from day to day (usually in an oversize bag vs. her small petite arm bags) and one component missing at the wrong time could change the course of my day!  On top of these things, I didn't like the side effects.  I was paranoid and overly concerned with the "impression" that I was giving.  Although I still value being stylish and detail oriented, I think it's more important for me to give the impression of being put together both physically AND mentally.  My older stylish colleague had obviously mastered this behavior and I will too eventually.  In the meantime, I'm going to take baby steps toward it.  So what if I wear the same bag a few days in a row?  If it's a good handbag that goes with (or at least won't clash with) my outfit I am going to rock it!  And only when I am totally ready will I move on to the next one!

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